This thing is a god send. My older cat is skittish and has been picky about her litter box in the past, including auto ones with rakes. After the first couple hours of being wary of their new spaceship, I honestly don’t think they’ve even remembered that I have a backup good old-fashioned pellet box for them in weeks.
— Kathy Copeland
After a week, my three cats, including two kittens and an adult, are using this self-cleaning litter box. The kittens adapted quickly, while the adult cat is more cautious. The sensor works well, and I've noticed Max, the heavier kitten, gaining weight. Considering the price is around $400 with a coupon, it's a good value compared to pricier options.
— Daniel W
It was easy to set up and the app works well. I changed the default cleaning from 1 minute after to 10 minutes because it allows the litter to clump better and doesn't 'stick' to the sifting grate. The smell issues from standard boxes is contained and virtually unnoticeable. It used to linger for 5-10 minutes!!I highly recommend the Meowant brand!!
— D. Bermel
Easy to set up, quite. Cats love it
— Arom Mom
I recently purchased a self-cleaning cat litter box and overall, I am very happy with my purchase. The litter box does a great job of keeping my cat's litter clean and odor-free, and the self-cleaning mechanism is a huge time-saver.The app allows me to easily monitor and control the litter box from my smartphone, and it has a clean and user-friendly interface. I can easily check the status of the litter box, set cleaning schedules, and receive notifications if there are any issues.
— Roxanna540