As my cat gets older, I usually struggle with what type and size litter box to get him. If you have these kinds of questions too, read on!

Dive into the sections below:

Part 1. Cats Prefer a Larger Litter Box

  • Comfortable movement:Cats require spacious litter boxes to stand, turn, and dig comfortably in the sand, promoting natural behaviors and enhancing their well-being.
  • Easy cleaning:Larger litter boxes offer convenience for pet owners, as they are easier to clean, reducing the frequency of maintenance and providing a more practical solution.
  • Extended use: Unlike their smaller counterparts, large litter boxes don't fill up as quickly, leading to less frequent disposal and a more sustainable, long-lasting option.
  • Hygiene priority: The size of large litter boxes contributes to a hygienic environment, preventing rapid waste buildup and minimizing odors for a cleaner living space.
  • Leak prevention:Larger boxes are less likely to leak urine, creating a cat-friendly space that deters bacterial growth, ensuring a healthier and more pleasant experience for both cats and owners.

Part 2. Large Capacity MW-LB01

  • Ensuring the safety of my cat: I'm always worried about my cat's safety when he's not in my sight, and this device has been a great surprise to me. Itssafe and smart anti-pinch design has solved that worry for me!
  • Unveiling an 80L Internal space: My cat always had some weird problemswhen he got older; he stopped using the toilet and instead peed next to the litter box or just held his pee. Until I changed him to the MW-LB01 litter box, he went to the litter box again, and I saw him happily digging in the litter box, and I was happy too!
  • Exploring the capacity of the litter bin: Cat owners have the same trouble with shoveling, and sometimes when they're unavailable or out of town, their pets are a mess in the house, as if it's Black Friday. But what MW-LB01 offers me is unparalleled joy, as his litter box has a large capacity and I only have to change the litter bag twice a week. And there is no odor;everything is wonderful.
  • Facilitating easy entry: As cats grow up and their weight goes up, they become less flexible. Some high-entry litter boxes can cause them frustration. We need to choose a low-entry litter box for them. My cat is 9 pounds, and he loves the one I chose for him!
  • Simplifying cleanup: When my cat wasn't using it, I started cleaning the litter box, and to my surprise, despite its size, it was incredibly easy to clean - just unplug the litter box, take out the drum, clean and cool everything, and put it back together again. My cat is very well-behaved and sits next to me as if he were an overseer while I do this.

    Part 3. FAQs for a Larger Litter Box

    Q1. How big should my cat's litter box be?

    It needs to be big enough that your cat can turn in a complete circle without touching any walls.

    Q2. What are the best litter boxes for cats?

    We recommend the Meowant Cat Litter Box - MW-LB01. It is very cost-effective, gives cats a comfortable space, maintains hygiene, effectively isolates bacteria from breeding, and maintains the health of cats.

    Q3. What to put in the cat litter box?

    Unscented, clumping clay litter is what most cats prefer. Avoid granular or crystal cat litter, which can be sharp or uncomfortable for your cat's claws.

    Q4. How many cat litter boxes per cat?

    Some cats are much more territorial about their potty places. So if you can follow the general rule of one cat, one litter box, it’s not a bad thing. Just make sure to keep them very clean.

    Q5. How often should you change the cat litter box?

    Replace the litter box every three to five years based on its capacity and your cat's usage. 

    Q6. What's the importance of a good litter box for a large cat?

    Cats require spacious litter boxes to stand, turn, and dig comfortably in the sand, promoting natural behaviors and enhancing their well-being.

    Q7. Do I need extra-large toys and scratching posts for my large cat?

    Larger cats may appreciate larger toys that they can easily manipulate, providing a more engaging play experience. Similarly, a larger scratching post can accommodate their size and allow for a full stretch.

    Part 4. Conclusion

    As your cat grows older, it's important to replace his large litter box promptly to ensure his comfort and provide us peace of mind. Caring for a growing four-legged animal starts with a proper litter box!

    December 22, 2023 — MeowantFeiou

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